Cleanroom Project Management/Supervision

The Value of Project Management

A successful cleanroom implementation depends upon how well the overall project is managed. Project management is the art of organizing the tasks, resources and people needed for a successful cleanroom implementation. A critical component to the cleanroom implementation process, project management creates the roadmap for the project connecting all the various project activities together ensuring that the overall objectives of schedule, budget and performance are achieved. Clean Rooms West Project Management process optimizes the allocation of project resources to execute each project effectively and efficiently.

Cleanrooms West Project Management Process:

  • Provides an integrated framework for each cleanroom implementation
  • Ensures a timely and cost-effective cleanroom implementation
  • Assures all quality standards are maintained throughout the implementation

Project Management Process

  • Project Initiation: Scope of Work, Contract Documents, Preliminary Schedule
  • Project Planning: Final Drawings, Proejct Component Submittals, Working Schedule, Client Approval, Submit plans to local building authority, Procure long lead time components
  • Project Execution: Material Staging, Room Layout, Subcontractors, Trade Installation, Building Department Inspections and sign-off
  • Controls and Validation: Personnel Safety Training, Personnel Clean/Build Training, Materials Inspection and Designated Release Location, On-site Documentation (Daily Work Log, Daily Cleaning Report, Materials Shipment Inspection Log, Building Department Inspections)
  • Closeout and Evaluation:As built drawings, Operation and Maintenance Manuals, Final Inspections and local authority sign-off, Certificate of Occupancy