Cleanroom Validation and Certification

The Importance of Validation & Certification

Assure each clean room installation meets all ISO 14644-1 requirements.

The purpose of a cleanroom is to control the following environmental factors: temperature, humidity differential pressure, sound, vibration and other process related specifications. After the cleanroom is installed and before operation begins, the cleanroom must be validated and certified to ensure:

  • the design is consistent for its intended purpose
  • the equipment, facility and environment created meets User Requirement Specifications (URS)
  • the equipment, facility and environment work together seamlessly as a system
  • the equipment, facility and environment created meets all regulatory requirements

CRW Validation Process

  • Design: Certify that the design is fit for its intended purpose
  • Installation: Confirm that the components and equipment installed meet all user and design requirements
  • Operational: Cleanroom operates consistently within a range of various conditions
  • Performance: Cleanroom produces the desired environmental outcome
  • Monitor and Control: Meets compliance requirements of ISO 14644-2 around ongoing cleanroom monitoring

CRW technicians are fully-trained to ensure compliance with the latest cleanroom standards:

  • Federal Standard 209
  • ISO 14644
  • NSF No. 49
  • IES Standards