Cleanroom Air Showers

Clean Room Air Showers, regardless of make or model, have the same goal: Reduce contaminants from entering a cleanroom workplace by showering workers or products with clean high-pressure air.


Air Shower Benefits:

  • Upright, Tunnel and Cart Designs
  • Quality Construction (uniform look from air shower to cleanroom)
  • Custom designed for size
  • Customized cycle program for optimum efficiency and maximum effectiveness
  • Dedicated Blowers for each supply air panel
  • Pre-wired, pre-ducted and tested for easy set-up

Standard Construction Features:

  • 4″ Walls with Double-Sided High Pressure Laminate
  • Heavy-duty Aluminum doors with full glazing
  • Safety Glass in Doors
  • Full-length Door Hinge
  • Panel Mounted Blower Motor with pre-assembled duct
  • Return Air Grilles baked white enamel to match walls
  • Jet Air Nozzles with air lock gasketing
  • Clean Rooms West’s super strong Power T ceiling grid
  • Anodized Aluminum Frame System
  • Lights: cleanroom sealed and tested (multiple sizes)

Optional Construction Features:

  • Stainless Steel or Aluminum Construction
  • Powder Coated Aluminum Extrusion
  • Kydex Interior/Exterior Wall Panels for Chemical Applications
  • Ionization
  • AC or DC
  • Ultra-Clean ULPA Filter Module
  • Bottom Rails on Doors and Interior Walls to guide equipment (Bottom rails: Ideal for cart pass thru’s)
  • Clear Acrylic, UV Amber or Solid Door Panels in several materials
  • Motion Sensors for automatic operation
  • One-way, Two-way or Three-way Entry
  • Right and Left Turns; Straight Entrance/Exits
  • Low Clearance Construction