Laminar Flow

Laminar Flow Workstations

CRW’s Horizontal Laminar Flow Unit is a freestanding workstation for applications critical to Class 100 environments. The unit is specifically designed to maintain consistently clean air, as well as a vibration-free work environment for maximum production benefits. The Laminar Flow Unit is the ideal addition for facilities in need of clean, quiet, and vibration-free workstations.

The key to the unit’s efficiency is the flow of HEPA filtered air with 99.99% efficiency, removing 0.3 micron particles or larger out of the work environment. With the help of an internal acoustical baffle, the unit operates with minimal noise. The workstation is separate from the flow unit to avoid transfer of vibration from the laminar flow motor-blower assembly to the workstation.  Installation of the blower motor on shock absorbing mounts helps reduce vibrations before they start.

Laminar Flow Features:

  • Steel construction
  • Powder coated white clean finish
  • Overhead fluorescent light
  • Independent On/Off light switch
  • Independent On/Off motor switch
  • Class 100 work environment
  • 99.99% efficient HEPA filter
  • Removes 0.3 microns and larger
  • 1/4″ removable clear acrylic sides
  • Pleated pre-filters: 3X more efficient
  • 20-35% avg atmospheric efficient filter
  • Easy access to change pre-filters

Optional Features For ultra-clean applications:

  • Upgrade to a 99.999% efficient ULPA filter
  • Multiple duplex outlet

For facilities requiring stringent temperature control:

  • Controlled temperature units with Chilled Water Coil or D/X Coil with Condensing Unit

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