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Cleanroom Validation & Certification

The Importance of Validation & Certification

The purpose of a cleanroom is to control environmental factors such as: temperature, humidity differential pressure, sound, vibration, and other process-related specifications.

Validation and certification of your cleanroom ensures that the installation meets all ISO 14644-1 requirements. Before operations of your installed cleanroom begin, the cleanroom must be validated to ensure the following:

  • Design: Certify that the Design is Consistent and Fit for its Intended Purpose
  • Installation: The Equipment and Components Installed Meet All User Requirement Specifications (URS)
  • Operation: The Equipment, Facility and Environment Operate Consistently Within a Range of Conditions
  • Performance: The Equipment, Facility and Environment Work Together Seamlessly as a System to Produce the Desired Outcome
  • Monitor and Control: The Equipment, Facility and Environment Created Meets All Regulatory Requirements Around Ongoing Cleanroom Monitoring, Including ISO 14644-2

CRW technicians are fully trained to ensure compliance with the latest cleanroom Standards:

  • ISO 14644
  • Federal Standard 209
  • NSF No. 49
  • IEST Standards