Modular Flex Wall

Modular Flex Walls™, exclusively from Clean Rooms West are available in several different constructions providing maximum design flexibility. Each Flex Wall is customized to meet the specific performance requirements of the individual cleanroom project. The entire Flex Wall System is supported by a customizable framing system. Options include wire studs for piping and wire chases, and hollow tube steel for structural stability.

Modular Flex Wall Features:

  • Flex Walls are available in 1/4″, 2″ and 4″ thicknesses, with unique core and skin combinations in each size
  • Class A to Class C, Flex Walls offer choices to meet specific needs such as Acid and Chemical Resistance, Flammability, and much more
  • Both the 2″ and 4″ Flex Wall panels are assembled with anodized aluminum framework
  • The freestanding structural system is designed to support overhead loads
  • Wire studs can be used as electrical raceways or process piping chases
  • Wire studs can be equipped with standard electrical duplex outlets
  • Piping for compressed air, process gasses or vacuum lines can also be installed in the post extrusion
  • For corrosive environments, all framing materials are available with a baked powder coat finish
  • For static sensitive environments, a variety of conductive powder-coat paints can be applied to wall skins or framing members

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