Design-Build "Turn-Key" Cleanroom

A one-stop shop for cleanroom development, Clean Rooms West partners with clients to  Design-Build “Turn-Key” cleanrooms that meet their specific budget and timeline requirements.

Design-Build “Turn-Key” Cleanroom Benefits:

  • One company has the overall responsibility to meet client requirements
  • Less expensive than a “Design-Bid” cleanroom
  • Project is completed faster than other cleanroom options
  • Fewer change orders

Design-Build “Turn-Key” Cleanroom Features:

  • CRW partners with the client, guiding them through the cleanroom development process
  • Cleanrooms are designed based on budget and project time line
  • Plans and specifications are completed quickly and submitted to the city for approval
  • Materials and equipment are released early on in the process

Design-Build “Turn-Key” Cleanroom Portfolio