Hybrid Modular Cleanroom

Standard Construction and Modular Construction Combined

Building codes are different in different locales and continuously change.  The Hybrid Modular Cleanroom provides the flexibility to meet the changing building codes along with changing manufacturing needs at an efficient cost.

Hybrid Modular Cleanroom Benefits:

  • Clean exterior appearance with cleanroom exterior walls built to height of existing roof
  • Lower cost than full modular cleanroom
  • Shorter construction timeframe
  • Easier plan check review
  • Allows for H and Special Occupancy type construction

Hybrid Modular Cleanroom Features:

  • Built to comply with local building codes for area separation and exiting requirements
  • Modular internal construction allows for easy reallocation of manufacturing space as manufacturing needs change
  • Equipment decks designed in the overall structure layout to eliminate costly upgrades to the actual building structure
  • Steel bracing, plumbing and utilities lines hidden inside standard construction walls

Hybrid Modular Cleanroom Portfolio