Cleanroom Design, Engineering and Construction

As a nationally recognized leader in cleanroom innovation, Clean Rooms West, Inc. provides a one-stop source for the successful implementation of any cleanroom development project from concept to completion. With extensive industry knowledge that spans the entire cleanroom development process, Clean Rooms West enables organizations to successfully implement their cleanroom project on time and on budget.

Clean Room Design and Build

Cleanroom Design & Build

We are one-stop source for the successful design and implementation of your cleanroom development project from concept to completion… Details

Featured Cleanroom Project

Featured Cleanroom Project

This Hybrid Modular Cleanroom designed and built for a Specialty Silicone Fabricator was delivered on-time and on-budget… More Info


Featured Products

PRECISION-T is the exclusive clean room ceiling grid system from Cleanrooms West. PRECISION-T is a Heavy Duty 3/8″ rod-suspended system… More Info


Ready-to-Build Components

As a builder of world-class clean rooms, we carry a line of industry leading components selected from years of designing, building and maintaining cleanrooms… More Info

Technology News

Clean Room Terminology
  • July 20, 2013

What is a Cleanroom?: An enclosed area that's controlled environmentally over atmospheric contamination, temperature, pressure and, often, humidity.

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What is a Cleanroom?
  • May 20, 2013

The purpose of every cleanroom is to control an environment by limiting the presence of sub-micron particles and modifying inadequate environmental conditions.

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Air Flow Rates
  • January 16, 2013

For detailed information on Air Flow Velocity Rates, contact a CRW specialists to get specific answers to your project.

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