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Comply to Building Code

Complying to Code is easy if you plan ahead.

Clean Rooms West proudly manufacturers eight different cleanroom panels that help you meet Building Code. CRW stocks a full line of 2″ and 4″ Flex Wall Panels. Now you have the option of Class A through C wall panels constructed in eight models, all of which comply with Building Code!

Class A Flex Wall Panels

  1. Aluminum honeycomb core with aluminum skins
  2. Aluminum frame core w/batt insulation and aluminum honeycomb skins
  3. Aluminum frame core w/batt insulation, CPP/aluminum skins
  4. UL Listed polyurethane core, CPP/aluminum skins
  5. UL Listed polyurethane core, hardboard and aluminum skins

Class B Flex Wall Panels

  1. UL Listed polyurethane core, cement board and Kydex skins
  2. Paper honeycomb core, cement board and high pressure laminate skins

Class C Flex Wall Panels

  1. Paper honeycomb core with FRP skins